Content Management System

Easy to update Websites With a CMS

Do you have a website that you want to manage and don’t want to spend a lot of time and resources managing it in the long run?

Content Management System (CMS) from Saksham IT Solutions is just for you!

Your website’s content is available online for you to edit at any time. There’s no complicated desktop software to install because you use your web browser to login and make updates. Useing a CMS helps organizations of any size build a solid web strategy since their website is so easy to update and manage.

Why Use a Content Management System?

There are many reasons:

  • Non-technical people can easily and quickly update content, which is otherwise done by technical programmers.
  • Save time on training.
  • Your website stays fresher and more up to date because it’s easy to add content.
  • Your website starts to rank higher for more searches because it’s easy for you to add content (more pages) to your website.
  • Take back the control of your website instead of paying computer geeks to update your site when they “get around to it.”
  • Make your website more dynamic since you’re able to easily change content.
  • Make your website a valuable tool for your business that people will bookmark and come back to.

More CMS Advantages

  • It’s Flexible!
    • You’ll never outgrow your website.
    • Add an unlimited number of web pages to your website.
    • Change content and add photos daily if you wish.
  • It Keeps You in Control!
    • You can change content yourself or designate team members to update content.
    • Delegate responsibilities without losing control.
  • It’s Easy!
    • No technical skills? No problem! You’ll find our Content Management System very friendly.
    • No special software to load on everyone’s computers and no licenses to deal with.
    • Work on your website from practically anywhere.
  • It’s Feature Rich!
    • Create new web pages by yourself. Content automatically appears on your website.
    • Creat feedback forms.
    • Built-in site search engine.
    • Create photo galleries.
    • Upload files for people to download.
    • Upload images right from your computer.
  • It’s Cost Effective!
    • You’ll never have to pay someone for adding new web pages yourself / updates are done in-house.
    • Changing the design doesn’t require editing every page. Change out the template (just a few files) for a new design.
  • Feature-Rich Content Management System
    • Page content is kept in a database for easy management.
    • Full featured web administration makes it easy for you to update your site, with no HTML coding. If you can use a word processor, you can update your website!
    • Set page start and stop dates so that pages are on the site for a limited time – like news items, for example.
    • Make pages inactive so they can be reactivated later.
    • Manage pop-out / pop-down menus.
    • Add, delete and edit users with a variety of permissions.
    • Built-in search engine searches all dynamic content.
    • Easily upload images and documents.
    • Create and edit website forms.
  • Available Add-Ons
    • Shopping Cart
    • Web Directories
    • Almost anything you can dream of.


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